08NOV16 CMA Announcements

8NOV16 CMA Announcements

  1. The next CMA Intergroup meeting is November 11th, 8PM at the Center on Halsted, meeting room 204.
  1. Chicago Roundup 2017 Organizing Meeting is this Sunday, November 13th at 1PM at the Rec Room.  All are welcome, contact Brad D for details.  
  1. Game night at the Rec Room, Saturday, November 19th starting at 7:30 PM, all are welcome.  See Keith B for details.  
  1. Pop-up Meditation Meeting, Sunday, November 20th starting at 2PM at the Rec Room.  See Oliver T for details.  
  1. An Orphan’s Thanksgiving Dinner at the Rec Room Thursday, November 24th, 2:30PM.  Bring Mom’s favorite dish, unless you still have resentment, all are welcome.  See the FB page or contact Christopher M for details.